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Tianjin Middle School No. 4
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RSAA | sustainable architecture and urban design

We are an international architecture and urban design studio drawing on the design, planning and construction experience from 50 years of practice. Combining the expertise of architects and urban planners, we pursue an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to design, based on a comprehensive understanding of the planning process. Our practical experience is supported and enhanced by international and domestic teaching and research activities. We value and apply sustainable planning and design principles and focus on developing planning solutions that are specifically tailored to the local context and each client’s needs.


  • 01 11 2013 Masterplan Zuunmood, Mongolia

    RSAA wins the tendering for the new Masterplan of Zuunmod, Mongolia

  • 02 02 2013 RSAA wins competition for No 4 Middle School in Tianjin

    We are happy to announce that our scheme for the new Number 4 Middle School in Tianjin has been selected as winner!

    Learn more about No. 4 Middle school here.


  • 20 10 2011 RSAA bei der Urbantec 2011 in Köln

    Our Managing Partner Mr. Stefan Schmitz will speak at the UrbanTec 2011 in Cologne on Wednesday Oct. 26th at 11h30.

    URBANTEC presents smart technologies for better cities.: www.urbantec.de

  • 13 08 2011 We are commissioned with masterplan for Shanghai low-carbon farm

    Schaller2We have been commissioned with a 108ha master plan for a low-carbon farm on Chongming Island, Shanghai. It will be the second site for the famous Shanghai organic brand “Tony’s Farm”. The design will combine highly innovative organic agricultural production with hospitality uses, and thus make organic farming tangible to Shanghai’s city dwellers. The project was launched at an official press conference in the presence of government officials including the mayor of Chongming.

    In the words of our design director Christian Schaller:

    “Tonys farm will demonstrate that its innovative approach to industrialized agrarian production can be realized in harmony with a landscaping that respects the structure of the site, its geological formation, the exposure to the elements shaping it and the cultural traces left from past generations. It is by no means intended to design a nostalgic reproduction of the past. The aim is to create a modern type of agrarian landscape, demonstrating that the realization of the necessary facilities, buildings and infrastructures can be integrated in such a way that through innovative design,the result has the same quality as historical agrarian landscapes.”

  • 28 06 2011 MOHURD Conference on Urban Development and Planning in Yangzhou

    On behalf of MOHURD and GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit), Mr Christian Junge was invited to lecture at the 2011 Annual MOHURD Conference on Urban Development and Planning in Yangzhou. Mr Junge’s talk “Between European City and Chinese Eco City” explained how RSAA’s European cultural background is integrated and adopted to RSAA’s practical work in China, and how the experience of European, and in particular German urban development can contribute to Chinese Eco-City design in general.

  • 03 06 2011 RSAA attended Green Building Conference in Nanning

    Junge_NanningMr Christian Junge, RSAA Beijing General Manager, was invited to speak at the Green Building + Technology Forum in Nanning, jointly organised by ECADI and the Nanning Urban Planning Bureau. Mr Junge’s speech explained how sustainable design solutions were included in RSAA’s urban design projects.


  • 26 04 2011 Visiting professor at the department of architecture of the China University of Mining and Technology


    Our managing partner Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Schmitz was appointed visiting professor at the department of architecture of the university of Technology and mining in Xuzhou, province Jiangsu. He will lecture on “ecological construction“ and “sustainable urban development“.

  • 25 04 2011 Prof. Martin Weischer and Christian Junge speak at Sino-German Low Carbon City Forum in Wuhan

    Weischer_WuhanOn behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) and the government of Wuhan city, RSAA were invited to speak at the Sino-German Green City Forum in Wuhan. Prof. Martin Weischer’s lecture titled “Life Cycle Cost Calculation and Benchmarking in the Real Estate Sector- a quantifiable input to sustainable planning” addressed the critical issue of including life cycle cost analysis in the assessment of sustainable design solutions. Mr Christian Junge, General Manager of our Beijing office’s contribution “Between policy and design: approaches to low-carbon cities” demonstrated how contemporary approaches to sustainable urban design are included in the RSAA’s projects. The conference was attended by the German Secretary Of State at the BMVBS, Mr Jan Muecke, and high-level representative of the Wuhan city government.

  • 13 10 2010 RSAA obtains major master plan commission in Qingdao

    The competition team with the master plan model As a result of a major international design competition (in cooperation with Schuessler Plan and Atelier Dreiseitl), RSAA obtained the commission to master plan a 169ha site around Qingdao’s new high-speed railway station. The master plan comprises the arrangement of various long-distance and local transport facilities, a business district, mixed-use quarters with residential and retail as well as hotel and conference functions.

  • 17 05 2010 RSAA invited to speak at the 2nd Asia Eco Green Building Congress 2010

    100513_CJunge_AsiaEcoCongressThe Asia Eco Green Building Congress -based on the theme “Build Green, We Shape a Better World”- was held at the Renaissance Hotel in Pudong (Shanghai) on May 13-14th. RSAA Beijing’s studio manager Christian Junge held a keynote speech titled Projects for a Sustainable City in which he explained RSAA’s approach to sustainable urban design.

  • 11 05 2010 Tianjin Eco City is published in Greenbuilding

    Layout 1We are happy to see, that our Tianjin Eco City Project made it on the cover of the recent “GreenBuilding” Magazine.

    more about Tianjin Eco City

    Here the publishing house offers an extract.

    Learn more about the journal greenbuilding

  • 22 12 2009 Mr. Schmitz as a member of the delegation

    DSC08049_WebAs a member of the business delegation Mr. Schmitz of RSAA accompanied Prime Minister Mr. Rüttgers on his visit to China from the 15-21 of November 2009.

    The aims were to improve and strengthen the economic relations between the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

  • 14 12 2009 EcoCity+

    RSAA developed together with representatives of the Universities RWTH Aachen, Duisburg-Essen and the University of Applied Siences of Münster a project proposal for a cooperation of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia with its Chinese partner provinces.

    The project is called EcoCity+ and provides knowledge and technology transfer for the planning and implementation of sustainable urban structures in China.

    EcoCity+ is a unique opportunity to combine our expertise in the field of renewable energies, energy efficiency and environmental protection, to work together with Chinese partners on a key project for the city of the future.

    EcoCity+ Flyer 2010

  • 26 10 2009 RSAA is sponsor of NAX (Network for Architectural Exchange)

    RSAA is new sponsor of the Network for Architecture Exchange (NAX).

    In 2002 the Federal Chamber of German Architects (Bundesarchitektenkammer – BAK) founded the Network for Architecture Exchange NAX (Netzwerk Architekturexport – NAX) for promoting the activities of German and foreign architects working abroad and for supporting internationally active developers and investors in their search for suitable architects and urban planners. The aim of NAX is to make the international exchange of planning services easier and to promote the professional mobility of architects and town planners.


Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco City (SSTEC)
Society Hill – Zhangjiawo New Town
    Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco City (SSTEC)

    Sino-Singapore, China, 2010
    Planning Team: Schaller/Theodor; StefanSchmitz;
    China has become knowns as the largest construction site in the world due to rapid rural-urban migration.  Projections estimate that at least 60 percent of China's population will be urbanized by the year 2030.  Large urban centers already account ...
    Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco City (SSTEC)
    Society Hill – Zhangjiawo New Town

    Tianjin, China, 2009
    Planning Team: Dreiseitl; Schaller/Theodor; StefanSchmitz; WLAArchitects;
    Tianjin is located 120 km southeast of Beijing; together these cities form a metropolitan region of 45 million inhabitants. Located on the Bo Hai sea, Tianjin is designated to become the region’s central hub and the biggest international seaport...
    Society Hill – Zhangjiawo New Town


In the direct sense, ecology- interpreted as the symbiosis of individual phenomena in a balanced whole- points to a self-regulating system of plants, animals and human beings. In an allegorical sense, it points to the synergetic inclusion of manifold aspects and challenges in a complex and sustainable design.


Sustainability as an objective of planning interventions means to improve a situation by means of this intervention and to extend its purpose into the future. This is achieved by means of planning strategies that include long-term perspectives, a clear objective as well as economic and efficient use of resources (material as well as intellectual).

Human Scale

The human scale is the basic measure of the spatial notion on which the European city is based. It leads to ordered, clearly readable spatial arrangements, in urban design as well as in architecture. Urban spaces, homes and rooms are seen as system of circulation, spaces for dwelling and views, that can be discovered again and again.

Genius Loci

The location, interpreted as the origin and criteria of any specific intervention- developed from it and respectful of it. A new, particular place is created that is based on the interplay of the past and existing with the new.

  • Ecology

  • Sustainability

  • Human Scale

  • Genius Loci


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